General Images

When naming general photos (either of someone else's profile or of an article) please name the image as follows:

  • For someone's profile picture;
{{User's name}} {{Avatar}}

Say, Zazme uploaded an image of his profile picture, he would have to name it "Zazme_Yakuza Avatar.png/.jpg", or "Zaz Avatar.png/.jpg.

  • For an article image;
{{image's purpose}} {{which page it's on}}

Say, Golly The Golem uploaded the staff logo image on the Staff Members page. He would have to name it "Staff Logo-Staff Members".

Personal Images

When naming personal photos(photo of personal item, place) you should name the image as follows:

  • Personal images;
{{Name of uploader}}_{{what picture is of}}

Say, Ross uploaded a picture of his house, he would have to name it "Ross_House.png/.jpg.

If Rules Are Violated

1.This rule will take affect as this page is created, which means.

  • Any photos that were uploaded before this pages creation are not affected and will still be free to use.
  • Any photos uploaded after this pages creation will have to follow these rules, NO EXCEPTIONS!!

2.Rule violating photos will be taken care of as follows:

  • First offence will make way with a deletion of the photo, and a question to the uploader of why they violated the rule.
  • Second offence will take place of a deletion of the photo, and a strict question to the uploader why they violated the rules. Failure to give reason may result in a 3-day block.
  • Third offence will go down with a deletion of the photo, then a very strict talk to the uploader, followed by a 1-week block.
  • Fourth offence and on will go as follows: deletion of the photo and a 2-week block, 1-month block, 3-month block, 6-month block, 1-year block, and finally, a permanent banishment.

If You Obey

This wiki allows anyone and everyone to upload any photo of their choosing (Read Wikia Rules and Wikia Policies for more info) as long as you follow these rules as written, you will make the community very happy that you are a contributor, so...Upload Away!