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• 7/12/2015

Name Change For Staff

Moderator ---> Forum Moderator
Admin ---> Admin
Bureacrat ---> Bureaucrat 
Staff: Just staff of the wiki that everyone with a tag of the above has ^
Confirmed User: Everyone has.
Anyone agree?
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• 7/12/2015

Ban the User Above You!

Ban the user above you for a reason.
User 1-Banned for creating a thread.
User 2-Banned for being omg.

Do not spam
Keep your posts user-friendly
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• 7/11/2015

The Last Post Wins!

Do NOT swear or you will blocked for 1 week! Spamming will cost 1 week and 3 and a half days. Harrasing people with be a LOOOONG block. Be nice. Thank you!
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• 7/11/2015

Ask Staffs!

You may Ask Zazme Yakuza,ChiefDrewClash,and Golly the Golem,but remember,no asking for private things okay?
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• 7/8/2015

New Fun and Games threads!

As you know, we need more fun the wiki, the Wiki Polls page is going great you guys, give yourselves a hand, but...I don't think it's enough, I think we need some Fun and Games threads don't you? So I need some ideas and volunteers.
In the Order below, please leave a comment.
1.Your thread idea
2.Who will run the thread (either yourself or someone you've talk I and they've agreed)
3.Any other thoughts
If you come up with something that I agree we be a great idea, I will personally message you on your wall, then I'll give you some time to come up with rules and other little tidbits, Thanks!
Please leave your ideas below! Make sure you give one idea at a time so it's easy to read!

Golly The Golem
Drew's Test Wiki
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• 6/28/2015


Hello, Wikians! Today is a special day: The first promotion day. I will be promoting four people because of their outstanding contributions and their overall support for this wiki. Please join me in welcoming your new two admins and two rollbacks!

If you would like to recommend a staff member, do it here. If the rollbacks think they can prove themselves to be worthy admins, comment below. The next wave of staff will be announced on August 1st. GOOD LUCK!
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• 6/21/2015


Never, ever add a page without my permission. I will let previous pages made slide with just a deletion. However, DO NOT ever add pages without my permission. Doing so will result in a block.
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• 6/20/2015

We Need Content.

As you know this wiki is very new. But that will not stop us from filling it with lots of fun content, here are some suggestions to get this wiki a jumpstart.
Fun And Games Board
Add new page
Make staff members page
Please remember that this is NOT the Clash Of Clans wiki, it will be up to Drew to decide this wikis main topics, happy Editing!
Yours Truly
-Golly The Golem
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